About Us

We’re a team of engineers and policy researchers who are excited to create technical solutions for civic issues. Coming from a wide array of backgrounds, we put our technical and policy experience together to make a powerful crowdsourced tool which we hope can change the current polarized political landscape of how districts are made in the United States. We’re committed to giving a voice to those who have been marginalized or politically diluted by gerrymandering and look forward to turning Representable into a national tool for political equity.


Somya Arora, Founder • Engineering, Full Stack

Kyle Barnes, Founder • Engineering, Mapping

Preeti Iyer, Founder • Outreach, Content

Lauren Johnston, Founder • Engineering, Full Stack

Theodor Marcu, Founder • Engineering, Product

Jessie Fielding • Engineering

Olivia Kusio • Design, Content

Edward Tian • Engineering